• In order to fly this tour, you will need to have charts onboard. It will be part of your flight preparation to search and find the necessary charts to complete a leg successfully. 

  • Make sure the plane's performance is suitable for the general airport conditions (runway length, obstacles, special procedures, etc). This is also part of your flight preparation!

  • Maximum cruise level FL380

  • Maximum speed is M0.84

  • B767 and A300 only aircraft allowed in this tour.

  • All Flight Plans are to be filed for type Instrument Flight Rules (IFR).

  • All ICAO codes are accepted in flightplan (Click the arrows at the end of the row for the correct departure/destination codes for your FS2004 or X-Plane, if applicable)

  • Have a minimum record of 50 flight hours within Aerounion VA.

  • Only 2 flights per day are allowed.

  • Register each pirep in IVAO Mexico Tours and on the official website of aerounion va, if the registration is not done as indicated, the pirep will not be counted.

  • They should use any Aerounion livery.

  • maximum allowed landing rate -300.

  • Use VAMSYS.

  • Be connected to the IVAO network

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